Fishing Charter FAQs

What do I need to bring?

What is included in the price of the charter?

All of the bait, tackle, rods, reels, licenses and ice are included.

Can we release/keep all the fish we catch?

This is your trip. If you want to catch and release or catch and keep, the call is up to you. However, there are bag limits that we have to stay within if we do keep your catch.

Who gets to keep the catch?

Again, this is your charter, so they are your fish.

Will the mate clean my fish?

A mate can make all the difference on a charter trip. They will be alongside you all day making sure your trip is a success, and will clean the fish once you get back to the docks. However, these guys cannot make a living without tips. It is normal and customary to tip 15-20%, more or less depending on the level of service you receive.

Do you offer trophy mounting services, in the event I want to do so?

We can certainly arrange to have your fish mounted with Gray's Taxidermy. They are the best in the business hands down.

Do you have a bathroom on board?

We offer a toilet in a closed console.

What if I get seasick?

We suggest that you take a motion sickness medicine (we suggest Dramamine) with your evening meal the night before and with a light breakfast the morning of the trip to avert seasickness. But, there are some individuals who will still get seasick even doing so. In the event your seasickness is intolerable, we will cut the trip short and return to dock. The captain will let you make the call.

Do you allow children?

We feel that the parent of the child can best make a determination as to whether their child is a suitable candidate for a fishing charter environment. We personally do not advise bringing children under the age of eight, as the day can be somewhat demanding on young ones.

Where do we board and what time do we have to be there?

Typically we suggest arriving 15-30 minutes before departing to avoid a rushed start. This allows everyone to get on board and settled in before the boat leaves dock.

How many people do you allow on a charter?

We allow only 6 persons on our charters. We feel that some charters can be overcrowded, almost creating a tripping on top of one another atmosphere. That greatly impacts the adventure of fighting a fish which sometimes means moving up and down the boat. If there are people in your way it would surely impact the experience. So the maximum number of persons on board including captain and mate will never be over eight.





We offers three types of fishing excursions- a half day trip, full day, or Gulf Stream. The price range is from $600 to $2250 per trip (based on 6 people).

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