Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

Looking for some of the best charter boat fishing Myrtle Beach South Carolina has to offer?

Welcome to Longshot Charters! We provide some of the best sport fishing available in the Myrtle Beach Area! We know you have many choices for your  fishing charter and can promise you will not be disappointed. No other can offer a more thrilling experience than what Longshot Charters will give you. From the time you set sail out of Little River, you will be a short time away from the most exciting fishing adventure you have ever experienced.

Just imagine leaving the docks in Little River SC on the charter boat, Longshot, captained by third generation boat Captain Wade Long. As you sail out to the Atlantic, you shiver from the early morning breeze. Your thoughts are focused on catching the big one… before you know it, you're in the Gulf Stream.. No matter how often you see it, the color and beauty of the water puts you in a state of awe. You're ready to fish. The lines are out....the hunt begins...

You're lulled to a state of semi-sleep by the sun...the motion of the boat....the light ocean breeze.… water sparkles on the fishing lines… a small bead of sweat on your forehead.… then WHAM...the reel screams as a big one takes the bait....the fight is on...your muscles strain as you reel in the catch of a lifetime....give him some line....take some against fish....the ultimate challenge....the next hour just may be the most exciting time of your life...well, now's the time to live the dream....with Longshot Charters...find out why we beat the other charters a LONGSHOT.

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Want a preview of the type of fishing adventure you will have with Longshot Charters? Click Here to view our TV Show, LongshotTV currently being broadcast on The Sportsmans Channel!

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